Who are we?

Explorers is the fourth section in Scouting for 14 to 17 year olds. In many ways Explorers are the most relaxed and independent sections. They do not have to wear uniform during most meetings and often organise there own activities, with the leaders being there just to make sure they don’t injure themselves!

Explorer Units are connected to the district, rather than a group. However we do have a very close partnership with Beverley Explorers, who share our storage and equipment. Although we primarily get Explorers coming up from 5th Beverley, all Scouts from around the area are welcome to join Beverley Explorers when moving up from Scouts.

Beverley Explorers typically meet every other Tuesday, but this depends on what they want to do and quite often changes around exam season.

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Past Events

Summer 2017 – Poacher International Jamboree @ Lincolnshire Showground

Autumn 2017 – Back to Basics Camp @ Primrose Hill

November 2017 – Mull Trip

January 2018 – Winter Camp

March 2018 – Wolds Challenge (Results)

June 2018 – Snowdonia Walking Trip

June 2018 – Relaxed Camp @ Bailwood

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